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Sponsoring my car would be a great way to get “your” name “out there”.  The Toledo Speedway brings in large crowds each week.  They host events such as:

Autograph Signing Night (2) were people can get close up with the racecar and take pictures in and around the racecar, when they share their photos they are are also sharing you’re companies information.  I can also hand out your business information when I autograph pictures. 

Another event is Kids’ Night (2), parents bring their kids to watch the races, and children under the age of 14 get in free.  These nights tend to bring in larger crowds, ergo, greater exposer for your business.

To have a complete and competitive racecar, it cost approximately $5,000. This includes: safety equipment (racecar seat, seat-belts, helmet, and fire suit), a racing engine, tires and rims, frame, roll cage, welding materials, and body panels.  To stay competitive, I also need to keep the car maintained.  I will have to buy tires, practice sessions, fuel, oil changes etc. to keep the car looking great and running good.

The spots on the racecar open for sponsorship are: the hood, front and back quarter panels (both sides); driver and “passenger” side doors (both doors).  At this point I have one sponsor, but I still need more.

If you would like to track my progress I can send pictures to show you where your money is going.  Attached are current pictures of my car.

Any amount of money is greatly appreciated.  I will even accept payments.


If you are interested in sponsoring me, or meeting with me in person, please call me at:  419-704-8226 (Cell) or E-mail